Ammar Precast Pvt. Ltd is proud in producing a widely popular system of Low-Cost Precast & Prestressed Concrete construction of roofs and of inter-floors etc. which has proved its economy, convenience, speedy building construction and good quality of work. The system has two components i.e. R.C.C. Precast Slabs and Precast Prestressed Girders. We are the company engaged in the manufacturing of pre-cast and prestressed concrete products of widest range and variety in Pakistan.

Our company holds a rich heritage of manufacturing Girder Slab roofing system which comprises of prestressed girders and precast slabs in different sections and sizes. It is designed to carry a load of 100 lb./ft2 in addition to its self-weight. Concrete roof systems have many advantages over competitive materials -including but not limited to- aesthetic appeal, structural economy and functional utility. The girder slab roofing is time saving and economical. Girder slab roofing has come to recognize as a standard form in poultry sheds, but it can be used in virtually every building of commercial and residential nature.


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